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The main stages of the band’s artistic history

1980 – Central Unit is formed. It includes:
Alberto “Poli” Pietropoli (sax, synth, guitar)
Natale Nitti (vocals, synth)
Enrico Giuliani (bass, synth)
Roberto Caramelli (rhythm box, synth, tech, tools)

1982 – LM Records produce the first E.P. “Loving Machine.
Violinist Alvise Cristinelli joins the group.

1983 - The album “Central Unit” is released on CGD label, with the artistic production of Peter Principle, bass player of Tuxedomoon.
1984 – The group disbands.

2000 – The band gets back together with a slightly modified lineup:
Alberto “Poli” Pietropoli (sax, flute, keyb)
Riccardo Lolli  (vocals, keyb)
Enrico Giuliani (bass)
Roberto Caramelli (keyb, tech, tools)
Andrea Ventura (drums)

2001 – CU self-produce the CDR “Demos 2001”.

2003 – CU sign an agreement with the MP & Records label. Their first EP and first album are reissued on CD.

2004 – The album “Internal Cut” is released by MP & Records, with guest artists
Marco Tamburini (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Paolo Ballone (guitar)
Ruggero Marchetti (guitar)

2007 – The track “Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation” is included in the double CD tribute to Carlos Santana “Guitars Dancing in the Light”, released by Mellow Records.

2010 –“I See You” is released by MP & Records. Line-up is the same as Internal Cut with the collaboration of
Rossana Glorioso (vocals)
Michele Gentile (guitar)
In the same year the song “Giovane Madre” is featured on the album “Tre – Pierrot Lunaire”, produced and published by MP & Records.
Shortly after the release Roberto Caramelli leaves the group.

2018 - The album “Whatever Day Suits You Best” is released on CD and LP, again by MP & Records. Meanwhile the group has become a trio: Alberto Pietropoli, Enrico Giuliani and Riccardo Lolli. Andrea Ventura (drums) becomes a permanent employee of Central Unit, both studio and live.

2021- The album "Parallelism" linked to the homonymous short film by director Marco Bolognesi is released on CD and LP, this time by the Snowdonia label. For every detail on the new publication go to the site page.

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