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PARALLELISM is a crossmedial project which includes the short movie and a series of installations by Marco Bolognesi and Central Unit's soundtrack album.
Following the 2018 album “Whatever Day Suits You Best” the two founding members Alberto Pietropoli and Enrico Giuliani release this new album with Riccardo Lolli and Andrea Ventura – the violinist Isabella Bui as special guest.
In Parallelism the relationship between images and music is a founding element: during the making of the movie, sound and images influenced each other in a constant conversation of contamination and mutual inspiration. Images were the basis for a first musical draft, and music was the rhythm helping editing the images.
Parallelism isn't just a movie but an experimental and original musical opera too: a special care was reserved to the overall sound in entrusting the movie and album mixing to Roberto Costa, author, artistic producer, sound engineer, bass player and arranger who boasts collaborations with Claudio Lolli, Lucio Dalla, Ivan Graziani, Ron, Luca Carboni, Mina, Gianni Mkorandi and Luciano Pavarotti.

Parallelism is a short realized with experimental animation techniques, in which the imagination of a contemporary artist gives life to two parallel worlds, in continuous conversation between music and sounds. The musical notes guide us through colours and dreams animating an utopian city, in contrast to its dystopian counterpart where the citizen'z grey and terrifying existence is under strict surveillance.
Parallelism is part of Sendai City wider environment represented by Bolognesi using quotationism, mashup and cyberpunk imagination in short movies, paintings, pictures and installations.
Parallelism has been awarded the 1st Prize at Williamsburg Film & Music Competition 2021; best experimental music video at Munich Music Video Awards 2021; Silver Medal at Global Music Awards, La Jolla 2021; Honorable Mention at Video Art & Experimental Festival, New York 2021; and many more.

Released by Snowdonia Dischi on November 19, 2021 on CD and vinyl, this new work by Central Unit was promoted by the videoclip for the single “Sit Here And Dream” previewed on OndaRock website.
The tracklist:
1. The Rest of our Lives 7:30
2. Modern Pioneers 5:00
3. Codex 5:06
4. The Greatest Brain 3:36
5. Exit Freedom of Thought 5:36
6. No Need to Panic 4:00
7. Chemistry Pioneers 4:56
8. Sit Here and Dream 5:02
9. Parallel Lives 2:14
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